Acteev Expands Brand With Launches Of Acteev TOUGH, Acteev FREE And Acteev BIOSERVE

HOUSTON, Texas — September 28, 2023 — Award-winning textile technology Acteev® is growing beyond its anti-odor roots, parent company Ascend Performance Materials announced today.

Acteev has grown into a collection of long-lasting solutions for textile and soft goods applications. A new high-tenacity nylon, an anti-static fiber and a certified bio-based nylon have joined the successful odor-fighting offering.

Acteev’s flagship anti-odor line is now labeled Acteev FREE. It allows the creation of athleisure, outdoor wear, intimates and more with fabrics that combat odor. Acteev FREE can be combined with other fibers to create custom blends, and it allows for dyeing without limitations.

Acteev TOUGH is a high-tenacity, low-DPF nylon 6,6 staple fiber designed for rugged applications such as workwear, footwear, backpacks, straps and climbing ropes. It is fit for everything from industrial coveralls to military and law enforcement tactical gear. As a staple fiber, it is suitable for intimate blends and integrates well with cotton and wool for looks requiring uniform dyeing.

Acteev CLEAN is a fiber with anti-static properties that repel hair, dust and lint on textiles for clothing and household goods such as upholstery. Acteev CLEAN’s functionality is embedded within the fiber itself and requires no finishes or chemical treatments, making it ideal for next-to-skin applications. Effective at low loading, it can be spun into yarns with other fibers and still provide static-free performance.

Acteev BIOSERVE is a nylon derived from plant sources aimed at helping brands achieve their sustainability goals without sacrificing performance.

Finally, Acteev MED is available, with form factors including fibers for next-to-skin applications such as compression garments, nonwovens for moisture management in wound care, and filaments for sutures.

Each member of the Acteev line is available in a low-carbon offering.

The Acteev team will debut the new line at four upcoming trade shows: Performance Days in Munich, Germany, from October 4-5; Functional Textiles Shanghai from October 16-17; the Taipei Innovative Textile Application Show from October 17-19; and Functional Fabric Fair, which runs November 1-2 in Portland, Oregon.

The brand’s various offerings can be combined to create unique solutions, said Nikki Huffman, global business development director for Acteev.

“Our textile scientists can work directly with brands to create a material that solves their customers’ biggest challenges,” Huffman said. “For example, a maker of athleisure might want a no-odor garment that can go from gym to street while also repelling pet hair at home. We can combine our technologies to deliver that, and even make it plant-based and low-carbon.”

Proud recipient of two ISPO Textrends Top 10 Awards and the Outdoor Retailer Innovation Award, Acteev is working with high-fashion designers, entertainment personalities and professional athletic brands to bring innovative, sustainable visions to life. Currently, major brand partner collections include sustainable, high-performing tennis, yoga and golf athletic wear from InPhorm; odor-free socks created by puberty-positive, Gen-Z-favorite OOMLA; odor-free and UV-resistant Suray sun shirt by Coalatree and more. For more information on the new line of Acteev textile solutions, go to

Posted: September 28, 2023

Source: Ascend Performance Materials

Lenzing To Increase Production Of Responsible Viscose In Asia-Pacific For LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and VEOCEL™

NEW YORK CITY — September 21, 2023 — Lenzing Group has announced plans to increase production of its high-quality responsible viscose fibers for its textile LENZINGLenzing To Increase Production Of Responsible Viscose In Asia-Pacific For LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and VEOCEL™ ECOVEROLenzing To Increase Production Of Responsible Viscose In Asia-Pacific For LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and VEOCEL™ and nonwoven VEOCELLenzing To Increase Production Of Responsible Viscose In Asia-Pacific For LENZING™ ECOVERO™ and VEOCEL™ brands in Asia-Pacific. The viscose fibers, which are EU Ecolabel certified and produced in Lenzing’s Purwakarta site (PT. South Pacific Viscose) in Indonesia, will help Lenzing meet the growing demand among environmentally conscious consumers for textile and nonwoven products with a lower environmental footprint. Furthermore, Lenzing has successfully transformed its Indonesian site with reduced sulfur emissions as well as annual CO2 footprint and is expected to contribute to wastewater reduction.

“We are working tirelessly to make the industries in which we operate even more sustainable and to drive the transformation of the textile business model from a linear to circular. I am therefore very pleased that we have now received the EU Ecolabel, which once again confirms our sustainability performance. Demand for specialty fibers with low environmental impacts continues to grow structurally. We see enormous growth potential in Asia in particular. Our investments in Indonesia, as well as in other Lenzing sites around the world, put us in an even better position to meet the growing demand for specialty fibers with low environmental impact,” said Stephan Sielaff, CEO of the Lenzing Group.

Geared up to address growing demand for products with lower environmental footprint in Asia-Pacific

Catering to brands and retailers who serve environmentally-conscious Asian consumers, the converted Purwakarta site’s close proximity to value chain partners in Asia-Pacific enables the transportation of a larger quantity of responsible viscose fibers within a much shorter distance and lead time, thereby reducing the overall carbon footprint of the textile supply chain.

Produced with up to 50-percent lower fossil energy use and water than generic viscose and certified with the internationally recognized EU Ecolabel, LENZING ECOVERO branded viscose fibers have been used in fashion woven and knitwear products such as fashionable tops, dresses, t-shirts, and loungewear. Brands using LENZING ECOVERO branded viscose fibers include top global fashion labels, including M&S, H&M, Levi’s.

“Asia-Pacific presents lots of potential and growth opportunities for us. As brands and retailers continue to reconfigure their manufacturing network, the region has become a convergent of all components of the supply chain from spinners, weavers, knitters to garment makers and sourcing offices,” said Florian Heubrandner, executive vice president Global Textiles Business of Lenzing AG. “As demand for responsible viscose continues to rise in the region, the increased production of responsible viscose in the Purwakarta site will not only allow us to work more closely with our existing customers but also allow us to introduce LENZING ECOVERO to new prospects in the region who are keen to switch from generic viscose to responsible viscose.”

To provide more options for industry partners looking for versatile, responsible products, before the end of 2023, Lenzing’s Purwakarta site will be capable of producing the innovative LENZING ECOVERO Black specialty fibers, which will significantly reduce water and energy usage in fabric dyeing thanks to a spun-dyeing process with a lower carbon footprint.

In line with Lenzing’s goals of reducing group-wide CO2 emissions per ton of product by 50 percent by 2030 and achieving CO2-neutral production by 2050, the converted production site has successfully reduced CO2 emissions by approximately 130,000 tons annually. An integral factor in enabling Lenzing to accomplish this pioneering transformation is the conversion from fossil fuel-based energy to geothermal-based energy at the site.

Posted September 26, 2023

Source: Lenzing

The 60th Edition Of Filo, The International Yarns And Fibres Exhibition, Has Closed With Positive Results

BIELLA, Italy— September 21, 2023 — The 60th edition of Filo, the international yarns and fibres Exhibition, has closed today with very good results.

The important goal of the 60th edition – marking the thirty years of Filo’s activity – has been distinguished by an increase in visitors’ number, as well as in exhibitors’ one – growing by 30%. The two days of the fair have been characterised by intensive work, and a constant flow of buyers, both Italian and foreign ones.

Paolo Monfermoso, responsible for Filo, says: “We close the 60th edition of Filo with great satisfaction for the job that has been carried out. We are convinced that once again Filo has proved to be a unique business platform, totally reserved to the operators working in this industry. These are the elements which determine the success among textile industry professionals: by taking part in Filo, they know that they will find very high-quality collections, as well as services designed and intended to make the collaborations and the matching between supply and demand of yarns and materials easier. With a view to strengthening the vision of supply chain which Filo wants to offer, I would like to stress the participation of the Cotton Egypt Association, which took part in the fair for the first time, representing one of the most refined and versatile fibre.”

The fil rouge of the 60th edition of Filo was the “good, healthy, clean, fair, and durable” textile. The topic was discussed in particular during the opening ceremony, with Mr. Dario Casalini, the Founder of Slow Fiber, and Ms. Barbara Nappini, the President of Slow Food Italy, together with some of the companies adhering to the network, some of which are also Filo’s exhibitors. Mr. Monfermoso also underlines: “We have chosen to tackle with the issue of the ‘good, healthy, clean, fair, and durable’ textile since we thought it was essential to discuss about it during a fair reserved to textile insiders, to understand the problems and the way to pave the way for sorting them out. Sustainability is an issue that we are going to deal with for a long time, it’s defining the future textile industry, also from a regulatory point of view: shedding a light on these themes is one of the tasks of Filo, which is a place for meetings and debates, as well as for business.”

Explaining and clarifying the contents of the new UE strategy concerning sustainable products, linked to the European GreenDeal is a goal for Euratex, the Association which represents the textile industry in Europe. Dirk Vantyghem, Euratex General Manager, was the protagonist of one of the “Dialoghi di Confronto”. Mr. Vantyghem declares: “It was very interesting to participate in Filo. It was the occasion to show to upstream companies in the supply chain both the implications and the challenges resulting from the new European legislation. The hope is that this is the beginning of a long collaboration between Filo and Euratex.”

The commitment of Filo to sustainable creativity and responsible innovation is also shown by “Sustainability from A to Z”, the service made available by Filo in cooperation with the eco-hub C.L.A.S.S. to give information and concrete suggestions to the companies about sustainability in its many facets.

The increase in foreign visitors and exhibitors’ number (16 more in this edition) proves the international nature of Filo. As far as buyers are concerned, the historical collaboration between Filo and ITA Agency enabled to organise a delegation made of 41 foreign professionals coming from 11 countries: Belgium, Chile, China, South Korea, France, India, Palestine, Peru, U.K., South Africa, and Turkey.

The collaboration between Filo and Piedmont Region resulted in the arrival of a delegation made of 18 buyers coming from Polland, Denmark, Czech Republic, the U.K., Belgium, and Portugal, which visited the fair thanks to the Progetto Integrato di Filiera (PIF) “Tessile”, implemented by Ceipiemonte – the regional agency for internationalization – on behalf of the Piedmont Region, as part of the Piano di Sviluppo e Coesione 2000-2020. As part of the collaboration between Filo and Piedmont Region, at the end of the fair, buyers have participated in a study tour in Biella’s district, to better undestand the excellent production pipeline distinguishing the territory of Biella.

Mr. Monfermoso adds: “The edition of Filo that just ended was the sixtieth, an important milestone. We wanted to celebrate the anniversary through a show retracing some of the main steps of our thirty-year history through some images. The show was also designed to thank all those people who contributed to making Filo one of the most appreciated exhibitions within the textile panorama. Since the success of Filo is largely due to the skills in researching and innovating of our companies, which means their ability to imagine the future, we, as Filo, start today to think about the future, and the 61st edition of Filo.”

The 61st edition of Filo will take place on the 21st and 22nd of February 2024 at Allianz MiCo-Milan.

Posted: September 25, 2023

Source: Filo

Hyosung Elevates Innovation In Bespoke Sustainable Textile Solutions

SEOUL, South Korea — September 25, 2023 — Furthering its commitment to continuous innovation and providing sustainable solutions for diverse needs across the value chain, Hyosung will introduce a unique offering of certified sustainable materials, which it will present at Performance Days Munich, Kingpins Amsterdam, and Functional Fabric Fair Portland this fall.

Creating a more powerful, traceable sustainable story, Hyosung is expanding its creora® Bio-Based spandex offering to include various options for the yarn to be made with a higher content of renewable resources. Hyosung was the first company to commercially introduce USDA and SGS-certified creora® Bio-Based spandex made with 30% renewable resources in 2021, which has been successfully adopted by leading global brands. According to an independent 3rd party LCA, the manufacture of 1kg creora® Bio-Based spandex reduces its carbon footprint by 20% as compared to the production 1kg of conventional spandex.

“We are very excited to follow the success of our creora® Bio-Based spandex with a second phase of third-party certified fibres made with a higher content of renewable resources to meet consumer demand for traceable, bio-based products,” said Simon Whitmarsh-Knight, Hyosung Global Marketing Director – Textiles. “Customers will now have the opportunity to select the option that meets their needs.”

At Performance Days and Functional Fabric Fair, Hyosung will also present new innovations in its GRS-certified, 100% post-consumer recycled regen Ocean nylon made from discarded fishing nets. The company recently collaborated with Dimension-Polyant, the world’s largest sailcloth producer and manufacturer of durable X-Pac® waterproof laminates developed for packs and bags, who has adopted the fibre in the construction of its best-selling X-Pac® VX21 Black – a four-layer laminate that’s rugged, flexible, and waterproof.

“We are proud Dimension-Polyant, a company who shares our passion for the ocean, has selected our 100% recycled regen Ocean nylon made from discarded fishing nets in its X-Pac® laminate collection,” said Roman Park, Hyosung Performance Leader – Nylon and Polyester. “I believe that collaboration along the supply chain is how great products are created and we are thrilled that Dimension-Polyant has joined our growing number of valued partners who’ve adopted our specialty fibers.”

At Kingpins Amsterdam, a trade show devoted to the denim community, Hyosung will present new innovations with its creora® 3D Max spandex – for denim you want to live in.  Hyosung’s creora® 3D Max spandex delivers high-performance stretch and recovery with a very small portion of spandex content uniquely allowing the garment to be recycled.

Anticipating denim brand needs, Hyosung has added the following creora® 3D Max spandex offerings to include sustainable and functional version of the fibre that matches the same performance and recyclability benefits as conventional creora® 3D Max spandex.  They include USDA and SGS-certified creora® Bio-Based 3D Max spandex, RCS certified, 100% recycled creora® regen 3D Max spandex made from industrial waste, and creora® Easy 3D Max spandex that provides soft power, excellent stretch and is recyclable.

“As a complete sustainable textile solutions provider, we are proud of our ability to continually innovate and offer materials that support our customers’ sustainability needs,” said Whitmarsh-Knight.

To help product developers and designers conceive garments made with its innovative yarns, Hyosung will present a broad assortment of multi-function fabrics and concept garments developed by its Fashion Design Center (FDC) at each show.

Posted: September 25, 2023

Source: Hyosung

Indorama Ventures Achieves 100 Billion PET Bottles Recycling Milestone

BANGKOK, Thailand — September 25, 2023 — Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited, a global sustainable chemical company, today announces that it has recycled 100 billion post-consumer PET bottles since February 20111. This has diverted 2.1 million tons of waste from the environment and saved 2.9 million tons of carbon footprint from the product lifecycles2. Demonstrating its commitment to support the establishment of a circular economy for PET, in the last ten years Indorama Ventures has spent more than $1 billion towards waste collection of used PET bottles.

Indorama Ventures Achieves 100 Billion PET Bottles Recycling Milestone
Mr. Aloke Lohia, Founder and Group CEO of Indorama Ventures

Mr. Aloke Lohia, Founder and Group CEO of Indorama Ventures said, “As we mark the recycling of 100 billion PET bottles, we want to thank consumers for recycling, and global brand owners for using recyclable and recycled packaging while also increasing collection rates. The scale of the waste challenge requires us all to do more, faster. In March 2020, we announced achieving the milestone of 50 billion PET bottles recycled in nine years. Today we hit the 100 billion mark in three and a half years.”

“By recycling post-consumer PET bottles into new bottles, we give waste an economic value. This drives improvements in waste collection systems, meaning less waste and a cleaner environment. In the last 10 years we have spent more than $1 billion towards waste collection systems for used PET bottles. We pledge to continue our long-term focus on circularity.”

The company has also committed a further $1.5 billion to expand its recycling business. To support increased recycling rates globally, Indorama Ventures has expanded its recycling facilities, infrastructure, and public education programs. The unique PET plastic used in soft drinks and water bottles is fully recyclable and is collected in practice and at scale. As a result, PET is the most recycled plastic in the world, and the company’s recycling achievements support that. Building on its position as the world’s largest producer of recycled resin used in plastic beverage bottles, Indorama Ventures is also seeking advanced technologies to deliver more recycling infrastructure globally and reduce lifecycle carbon emissions.

The company now has 20 recycling sites in Asia, the Americas, and Europe. Recent developments include doubling the capacity of a recycling site in Brazil; and the opening of PETValue, the largest bottle-to-bottle recycling facility in the Philippines, in partnership with Coca-Cola. Both part of a $300 million ‘Blue Loan’ Indorama Ventures received in 2020 from the International Finance Corporation (IFC), part of the World Bank, and Asian Development Bank. The loan has the objective of increasing recycling capacity and diverting plastic waste from landfills and oceans in Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, India, and Brazil – countries seeking support in managing environmental waste. Indorama Ventures has also partnered with the Yunus Foundation, a leading non-profit organization promoting sustainable development with a global network, with the goal of educating one million consumers globally about recycling by 2030 with 200,000 reached so far.

Mr. Lohia added, “Sustainability is at the core of our company. These achievements reflect our commitment to environmental sustainability and our determination to establish a truly circular economy for PET packaging. Reaching this milestone is a testament to our planet’s growing commitment to sustainability. Each of these bottles represents a reduction in waste, and a step towards a world where no packaging ends up as litter or waste. This milestone achievement shows the positive change that can occur when we work together to support PET recycling and strive for a more circular world.”

1 The 100 billion PET bottles figure uses an average weight** and an overall height of on-the-go PET water and soda bottles, equivalent to the volume recycled at Indorama Ventures recycling sites between February 2011 – September 2023. (International Bottled Water Association)

** Weighting shall be referenced to The International Bottled Water Association.

2 Indorama Ventures’ Life Cycle Assessments (LCA). Calculated up until September 25, 2023.

Posted: September 25, 2023

Source: Indorama Ventures Public Company Limited