Kraig Biocraft Laboratories Delivers The First Two Hybrid Dragon Silk™ Silkworm Strains For Commercial Production

ANN ARBOR, Mich.  — January 26, 2023 — Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc. (“Company” or “Kraig Labs”), the biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of spider silk, announces that it has delivered the first two hybrid-cross Dragon SilkKraig Biocraft Laboratories Delivers The First Two Hybrid Dragon Silk™ Silkworm Strains For Commercial Production strains to its third-party production partner in Vietnam. These strains were developed to address the most significant immediate hurdle to large-scale production, the robustness of our silkworms within the large-scale production environment. These new lines are the first of several planned silkworm strains in our hybridization program, which are explicitly designed to increase robustness and cocoon size.

These strains blend the mechanical performance of the Company’s original Dragon Silk with the size and robustness of native production silkworm strains. The Company engineered these strains as part of its development program to bring needed increased resiliency to the large-scale production environment.

Best practices employed by the most advanced silkworm egg production facilities include utilizing a multi-line cross-mating protocol to generate increased robustness. The result of first-generation cross-matings yield larger cocoons and more resilient silkworm offspring. As these increased performance attributes only last one generation, it is vital that central silkworm egg production operations sustain each of these separate lines in order to create successive generations of hybrid crosses.

Kraig Labs begins its transition to multi-line cross-mating with these two new hybrids. Once established at the production facilities, the Company will start cross-matings to produce our first two-line production hybrids. Kraig Labs believes this will strengthen its production operations, increase silkworm resiliency, and significantly improve environmental tolerance.

As part of the Company’s ongoing development efforts to commercialize spider silk production, it is also developing a four-line hybrid-cross program that should further improve yields. This program is under development at the Company’s R&D headquarters located in the USA and is planned to begin rollout in stages later this year following the successful implementation of the two-line hybrid-cross model.

“Work with our production partner in Vietnam has accelerated the identification of challenges and opportunities in scaling up production to metric tonnage levels,” said Company COO Jon Rice. “We are very pleased to announce the delivery of these new hybrid lines and we are excited about our ongoing development of the four-line hybrid-cross. The implementation of the four-line hybrid program is designed to deliver significant improvements in production capacity and yield.”

Posted: January 26, 2023

Source: Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, Inc.

RIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™

BANGKOK, Thailand — January 23, 2023 — RIFIL Group, is launching a new range of environmentally friendly worsted yarns called Infinity® with GRS® certification, which is made with recycled acrylic fibre, RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™. The new high-performance yarn will be launched in the trade show of Pitti Filati – Florence, Italy in January this year.

Infinity® by RIFIL, is made of recycled acrylic fibre, RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™. Infinity® is a top-performing recycled yarn suitable for all end applications. It is developed to preserve all the key properties: natural hand-feel, vibrant shades, color brightness, comfort performances with a GRS certification along with transparency and traceability from waste to retail.

RIFIL Group is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of acrylic and Wool Blend Yarns with up-to-date technology and quality of production, based in Romania. REFIL produces 20,000,000 kg of thread every year for fashion, knitwear, fabrics that are resistant to weathering and sunlight, as well as indoor & outdoor furniture.

“I am delighted to be launching a sustainable yarn range made of recycled acrylic fibre. This enables us to make a step into a circular direction that helps conserve natural resources without compromising the end-product performance,” says Olmo Falco, Group Manager RIFIL Group. “We know that Circular Economy is at the core of ABG group sustainability strategy and TAF is part of it. So, we fully trust on their high-performance materials which will help drive Infinity® to be a new sustainable alternative to our customers”, added Mr. Falco.

“We are excited to see RIFIL upcycling RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™ into high-performance & quality yarn. With REFIL’s knowledge & technology combining with RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™, we believe that this will drive the development of high-performance Infinity® to positive change within the industry and customers’ expectation,” says Tuhin Kulshreshtha, Head of Marketing, TAF.

RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™ is made from recycling acrylic waste – It is manufactured with an authentic and intimate chemical recycling process which is functionally equivalent to acrylic fibre like warmth, comfort, and vibrant shades. RegelRIFIL Launches Infinity® Yarns with Regel™ is a GRS certified acrylic fibre and bluesign® APPROVED.

Posted: January 23, 2023

Source: Thai Acrylic Fibre Co., Ltd.

New Study To Explore Upcycling The Microfibers Released When Laundering Clothes

ROTHERHAM, England — January 17, 2023 — Xeros Technology has partnered with the University of Surrey to jointly fund pioneering research to upcycle the microfibers captured from laundering clothes into a useful and valuable carbon material.

Microfibers are defined as tiny “threads,” smaller than 5 millimeters, that break off from textiles through the everyday acts of wearing and laundering garments and textiles.1 Estimates suggest every year more than half a million tons of microfibres are released into the world’s oceans simply from washing our clothing.2 Research shows that microfibers from synthetic textiles are one of the biggest sources of microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans2 — they have contaminated the entire planet from the summit of Mount Everest3 to the depths of the Mariana Trench.4

In order to address this significant environmental problem, Xeros Technology developed a washing machine filtration device, XFilter, which captures the microfibers and prevents their release into the world’s oceans.

XFilter lasts the lifetime of a washing machine and allows users to place the captured microfibers directly into their bin to be disposed of with other household waste, as we already do with vacuum cleaners and tumble driers that collect similar mixed fibers. Microfiber waste from filtration is a complex material to recycle within existing recycling infrastructure: not only are the microfibers often mixed materials, but they also contain captured dirt and soil.

This is why Xeros have teamed up the University of Surrey to accelerative research into improved methods to permanently reduce this continued pollution build-up in the future.

Led by Dr Melis Duyar, the team from the University of Surrey and North Carolina State University have developed a new method specifically designed to upcycle textile micro/nano fibers shed during the washing and drying of clothes. The method produces clean hydrogen and solid carbon nanomaterials as a by-product.

Dr Duyar, senior lecturer at the School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at University of Surrey, said: “At the University of Surrey, we are developing solutions to upcycle microplastics without releasing the fossil carbon contained within them into the atmosphere in the form of greenhouse gas emissions. Plastics are one of the problems associated with our dependency on fossil fuels, so any solution we develop to address plastics pollution must also fit within our strategy for reaching a net zero emission economy. This partnership with Xeros will allow us to bring our technology closer to commercialization, by developing methods for upcycling real microfiber waste collected from commercially available filters. We are excited to see our patent pending processes in action as applied to mixed fiber feedstocks, which is a big step towards developing a viable, real-world solution.”

The carbon nanomaterials developed using this upcycling method can be used in various essential products including batteries, solar cells and medical devices.

Dr Paul Servin, Application Development director of Xeros, said: “There is nothing better than to convert, what is today considered to be waste and a problem in the world, into a highly valuable product which is what we, together with the excellent researchers at University in Surrey, will accomplish. I’m extremely excited about this project which can hopefully lead the way to future separated collection of microfibers from washing machines, tumble dryers and vacuum cleaners for the purpose of upcycling to a higher valued product”

The project will begin in January 2023 with research conducted over a 12-month period.

1 Microfibre Consortium. Microfibre shedding. Professor Richard Thompson OBE FRS et al. Lost at Sea: Where Is All the Plastic? 2004.

2 Julien Boucher, Damien Friot. Primary Microplastics in the Oceans. 2017.

3 Napper I. et al. Reaching New Heights in Plastic Pollution—Preliminary Findings of Microplastics on Mount Everest. 2020

4 Peng et al. Microplastics contaminate the deepest part of the world’s ocean. European Association

of Geochemistry. 2018

Posted January 17, 2023

Source: Xeros Technology/University of Surrey

Stein Fibers Acquires Fibertex’s North American Fiber Operations

ALBANY, N.Y. — January 3, 2023 — Stein Fibers LLC, a distributor of textile products, is please to announce the acquisition of Fibertex Corp.’s North American fiber operations. The combination of Fibertex and Stein Fibers will expand the fiber product portfolio in North America and allow each company to better serve its customers.

Ernest Elias, president of Fibertex, stated: “I am excited to partner with Stein Fibers organization which shares the same core values and believe the combination will provide an opportunity to grow our relationships with both customers and suppliers.”

Karen Edwards, president of Stein Fibers, commented: “It is a privilege to partner with such a well-respected industry expert in Ernest who takes so much pride in customer service and business integrity.”

Robert Taylor, COO of Stein Fibers, added, “We are truly excited to work with Ernest as Fibertex and Stein Fibers have similar histories rooted in a deep family commitment to the textile industry that has stretched generations. We look forward to continuing to be the premier textile partner for our customers and suppliers.”

Posted January 10, 2023

Source: Stein Fibers

The LYCRA Company Showcases Sustainable And Durable Fibers At Kingpins New York

WILMINGTON, Del. — January 10, 2023 — The LYCRA Company, a global developer of durable and sustainable fiber and technology solutions for the apparel industry, today announced it is exhibiting innovations for denim and performance non-denim wovens at Kingpins New York, booth 8 in the yellow area. The invitation- only trade show takes place January 11-12 at Pier 36 / Basketball City.

The LYCRA Company is launching LYCRA® lastingFIT 2.0 technology at Kingpins, the latest innovation in its LYCRA® XTRA LIFETM brand portfolio. This technology delivers elevated functionality in a sustainable fiber made from recycled fibers. Benefits include a range of stretch levels, long-lasting recovery, a soft hand, and an authentic denim look.

“Consumers are concerned about reducing their environmental footprint and are increasingly investing in higher quality, more durable garments,” said Ebru Ozaydin, The LYCRA Company’s strategic marketing director, denim and ready-to-wear. “Longer-lasting fibers can contribute to extended garment wear life so we are pleased to showcase fabrics and samples featuring LYCRA® lastingFIT 2.0 technology that provide durability and sustainable benefits which are so valued in today’s marketplace.”

The LYCRA Company is also responding to another important consumer need with LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber, a patent- pending polymer that offers consumers a liberating wearing experience with its soft and easy stretch that adapts to meet the wearer’s functional needs, whether at rest or in motion. Jeans and woven pants made with this spandex fiber offer a wider fit window to accommodate different genders and body shapes and enable inclusive sizing.

“Digital fashion has inspired our storytelling about LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber for wovens in our booth,” said Ozaydin. “Computer-generated imagery and physical garments are brought together to demonstrate how revolutionary LYCRA® ADAPTIV fiber is for denim. We’re showing brands and retailers how virtual assets can help them connect with consumers—especially tech-savvy Gen Z—while also informing them about the key fiber benefits to drive sales.”

On display at the show include mill collaborations with Naveena Denim and Sapphire Finishing that feature LYCRA® lastingFIT 2.0 technology. New Resolutions, The LYCRA Company’s collaborative collection with Naveena Denim, explores new solutions to design future-fit sustainable denim. The Company’s collaboration with Sapphire Finishing Mills Limited, Crossroads, is inspired by the great outdoors and future utility trends. This collaboration includes LYCRA® EcoMade fiber, and focuses on timeless designs that offer performance, versatility, longevity, and thermal comfort.

Posted: January 10, 2023

Source: The LYCRA Company

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