Upgrade your hotel rooms with the epitome of luxury – our hotel pillows. Elevate the sleep experience for your guests, and leave a lasting impression with these sumptuous additions to your bedding ensemble. Explore our collection now and redefine the art of restful sleep in your hotel.

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Gold Series Nano Gel Pillow 50x70cm

Product specifications: Size: 50x70cm (2 Pcs) 1 Piece Pillow Filling: 1100gr Nano Fiber 0.7 Denier* 1 Piece Pillow Weight : 1200gr Properties: Antibacterial, Antiallergic It is the most ideal pillow for face-down and supine use * It is a new nano technology product that is healthy, lightweight, easy to use and is an alternative to goose feathers. As a result of special processes in Marin Textile production facilities, the fiber is brought to a fineness of 0.7 denier. In this way, it offers the best use with its properties that provide air circulation in the fiber, do not collapse, can be washed, do not smell, do not harbor bacteria. Washing Instructions: Wash at a maximum of 40°C. Do not use bleach. Dry cleaning Can be done.

Hotel Silicone Pillow 50×70 cm

Product details: 800 gr/pcs Pillow Size : 50x70 (2 Pcs) Fabric: 100% cotton Pillow Filling : Silicone Beads

Microfiber Antiallergic Pillow

Product details: 910 gr/pcs Pillow : 50x70 (2 Pcs) Inner Filling: %Microfiber