Sublimation print, it is a kind of print technique in which special transfer papers are used to print the patterns on different surfaces, including fabrics. The pattern is transferred to fabric by applying hot press method.
As a result, we receive a photo quality print on fabrics and the colors almost never fade away. It offers great opportunity to print unlimited type of pattern with no color restriction.

Which fabrics are used for Sublimation print?
In general, all synthetic fabrics including polyester fibers can be printed by sublimation method.

For fabrics, dye sublimation printing is usually seen as a better option than inkjet printing. The biggest advantage is that dye sublimation creates a finished product that is noticeably more durable than a product printed with an inkjet printer. As the dye essentially impregnates the fabric, it actually becomes a part of the fabric itself. The printing then cannot be damaged with wear, nor can it be flaked off or crack.

Dye sublimation printing on fabrics is usually more visually appealing. The process involves a continuous tone output in printing. As a result, it creates smoother and brighter color transitions and variations than inkjet printing. Fabrics that have been printed with dye sublimation usually have an overall more superior look and sleeker finish.

Suplimation Printed Textile Application

  • Beach Towels
  • Pool Towels
  • Beach Ponchos
  • Home Dressing Gowns
  • Promotion Towels
  • Kitchen Towels
  • Blankets
  • Kids Clothes

We produce a wide range of warp-knitted Terry fabrics and we keep improving to expand our fabric range continuously.

Our fabrics have polyester fibers in different percentages as a nature of knitting method, so basically almost all of our fabrics are suitable to print with Sublimation technique.
Plain knitted or velour surface for printing is combined with natural cotton or bamboo terry on the other side, allowing to make towels with print of any shape, design and size.

You may order ready towels with print, surf ponchos or bathrobes with any desired printed style, fabric in rolls with print or blank towels and fabrics for sublimation printing.
We own printing equipment which allows offering quick service and unlimited design selection.

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